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View it online --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RETAIL COLLECTIVE: VIDEO SERIES WITH TARA DENNIS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the first instalment of The Retail Collective Video Series with Tara Dennis, we meet owner and retailer Shelley Attanasio from Emporio Home & Flowers, located in Manly, New South Wales. Shelley welcomes Tara into her business which includes a cafe, grocery store, florist, homewares and fashion. Shelley explains how she researches and sources her products and why she is looking forward to Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne August this weekend. REGISTER TO ATTEND - http://bit.ly/29Z183s VISIT THE BLOG - http://bit.ly/2asm3Kt VIEW THE MELBOURNE AUGUST EXHIBITOR LIST - http://bit.ly/29TUMCj ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURED EXHIBITOR: LYFSTYLED BY KYLY CLARKE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Kyly, it was simply about creating something she loved; something she was so passionate about and then sharing this experience with others. Her career has allowed her to travel the globe extensively, associating each destination with breathtaking aromatic scents. She has since created Lyfestyled soy scented candles so others can surround themselves with the divine blends of a melting pot of aromas from around the globe. Kyly believes that by lighting candles or incense, you have the chance to transport yourself back in time, to remember a special moment shared, or to journey to a new destination yet to be discovered. CONTACT: Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke P: 02 9337 6337 W: lyg nlkҭb Nd j8#Z3Ї 7XgsƍaAH8זIz`]7ei B]{aXԣZߚa<-jd"c4X/|5y4Eߺu͏vi7^^-=*Z*^x NChYZiZIOy.gtя2 # 91f7:Z~ חw'zO0/~Yȍϣ~K !cL!:#GjBHr|J,fLD:0JB3&BL9ĆHu:]$7]-㴪*,cNKBnd-\GHZBeE `4QMStAܛc>{[2VD+[zln{q0o>8h~:~}LgOl9wy)Wy}b&z"舑'ҼR٨ (DqI+ I@8/ BF<uecQtbI8y1V׵0@g5KNUE6L%5XcBvFL'B#NSyE.8xl%a: `%l3!aºJKI0WpE8:x̠404'c3O#cUf3o8XF9X[Xq]bQk}]td&t [ DfW F;}?%‘vn_NjQtR]3 w]@=fn{VXњVL": ®aCr*עŨE*P-vC%]m %`gt12+D`^W&M3Dk VscOsX=3d>'*fvks]o1\P0Yܔy4.XŤY( XQ6hB*tˣ?ou(T 1j ( o\Fvz]'뛄`%4uE|>OОU䧵V\*9MD!Vv Sh p=hB>HUXvst`nAv>k\ʵ>pb&Tpףi0j}9$ d0@aBؿ~ϸ:\ 50;0h9rYwȦͫ_Uc_g¼  ) 2 2 2 C@8 2 2 2ȏ )gYe (yY NG}a6Ӥdy F.`[gԡ,Xu,j1F:oihDD!CH0GI]]Chl+=}p4VĻr/̎0APT 0I@sR\1j,3컷5ۻWeӧ1ѲfDƴҩP]!gK}xZi< o,LWEl*\#`%!yj@R S OKBbIcQHXL k=|X~1T?Gn 3-Gdldp2:JD pdyz‘&LR|kbMA9pFvjzXoWWE80S"eVBf Q "h &mJYv{㲚@gu >=FzOM-~}){y=CwOc{s#Jp>{U?cRj^w5W>؋#00D90, gн}[a^cy\N[H.şж֕(Dp4;Q)F!hm{_~N`{e-r{IeR;_nӏYԠcELn?Py/6̭;..G锠l뭿*_JpQ~Ҍ u_qnW߾ϯ';Dy <>Wz8: Ğׄ\ ]&ssa$V]P&D֥Gk )c|6$1r!QZ6* Fc&]ƐEbAHP)"`Xͱf"pU\X ۤ( E* #7$IsobW(׋?տ~-D vRz=1J*|edXol_a _L枞7NL喝(aŕz|Q@do$6l (io`qM@( ׶nlg^(4xqTQb[{: xL1OŦBĽJdtvQڴo5$XndQ7;:iśJ\b[Gw8p~> = Ɓ+luF=;Ýg=3vϡ;b+*pdYU0b,fwP-z|c]."%Eb{TU붖z_~/]o'hcm1:fN0^`9 isޮh>65zDž wrŋ^"d]4 辮vߧ&m|m<]n:ۿ 2iŨ}>\mOZa G5B-ґZ9A,v_~nvo;3vwW޾wdhm\goJ/z]xPC@ !etAdAdAdLζRec܂rERyG7V6I_Ӈ%$yTƎ ygeq{cg_~ %c=>uzt= %Β_.]|/~]_/_1nzg_X%4t2%믹ɐ21?zL=ysw/ivz aDWIhMx,FY'61\24%)Cf)Ȥ9M5k8;NNic q, Q Zߒuz`y0 6iu?oxE!V ri8B"L`'8 ìκh҅)HcP%ddL3Hbrtv7P QܠEft ZXUZa]Av:I*Mq /",\_$j`X4O_AZ2/EmR%%0J(3Tj&FMWr5w f\ITR2JBJ 19F.L GX4Lb=zfPxs`HqD4 k@G Architect Directory of Qatar