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Smsby7 Technologies
Zo18 Marketing Solution, Bulk Sms Provider  
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Smsby7 Technologies
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Bulk SMS Offered
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Smsby7 Technologies

E-mail Marketing    Direct E-mail Marketing is the fastest option for sales. Email Marketing is one of the most popular methods of advertising in online business. It is an effective and efficient method of promoting products and services through electronic messages. These messages not only promote the products but also provide useful information to the customer. It helps sellers in making a brand image in the market. The concept of email marketing is simple and affordable. It incurs cost in getting the mailing lists and categorising which is comfortably invested by marketers. This is one of the most successfully implemented strategies provided, marketers do not underestimate.


  Cost Per Email(INR)



  1000000   .04   40,000   Life Time
  500000   .05   25,000   Life Time
  100000   .06   6,000   Life Time
  50000   .07   3500   Life Time
  25000   .08   2000   Life Time
  10000   .10   1000   Life Time
  5000   .12   600   Life Time
                                    Note:     Service tax of 10.3% is applicable 
                                                Our Smsby7 Marketing Solution E-mail Marketing campaign includes features like creating relevant data base for your target market by internet search, writing effective mail message to increase response rate & sending mails at one-to-one bases not in bulk mail style. We provide you complete data base of the companies to whom we mail and also handle E-mail marketing campaign at a specific time or specific time interval, and have a better control over your email marketing campaign strategies. Opal Infotech is dedicated to excellence in E-mail marketing.

Emarketing-Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (Marketing using the digital method) is form of marketing integrated digital system as a marketing channel, helping the brand to access many channel media forward customer (Website, Blog, Web 2.0, RSS, SMS, Email Marketing)

Zo18 Marketing Solution provides services of Digital Marketing

Smsby7 Technologies Design and buid websites
Smsby7 Technologies Buid portals (websites) to connect the system of Internet, SMS, Bulk Mailing promotion
Smsby7 Technologies Package service or SMS & Email Marketing for companies to implement promotion, launch new products through SMS and Email . With purpose to contact to consumer through mobile phone, Zo18 marketing solution create a private information channel for brand to come to customers directly.
Smsby7 Technologies Online advertising over websites and search engines in the national and international such as Yahoo, Google, VnExpress, Asian Fashion, Dantri, 24h, etc.
Smsby7 Technologies Email Marketing, SMS Marketing
Smsby7 Technologies Design and develop creative ideas
Smsby7 Technologies Consulting and planning the Digital marketing strategies for your brand
Smsby7 Technologies Design and develop creative ideas
Smsby7 Technologies Help to buy advertising positions on digital media means.
Smsby7 Technologies Increase accessing flow on your website
Smsby7 Technologies Strengthen awareness of your website
Smsby7 Technologies Increase brand value.

Smsby7 Technologies Smsby7 Technologies
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Smsby7 Technologies Smsby7 Technologies
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