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Bulk SMS Reseller India
Bulk SMS Reseller India
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Bulk SMS Reseller India
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Bulk SMS Reseller India
Bulk SMS Reseller India
Home > Marketing Tips > SMS Marketing vs. Other Marketing:-
SMS Marketing is one of the cheapest marketing methods which is easy to handle and which also fetches good response. The greatest advantage of SMS Marketing over other advertising media is that it allows you to target specific potential customers or the customers in a specific area. Customers also tend to respond more to this type of advertising as they feel more personalized when they receive an SMS rather than seeing the same in newspaper, television etc. So in SMS marketing, the conversion rate of users is comparatively more than other available marketing methods at present. Another advantage of SMS Marketing is that you can start advertising or sending messages (which can be customized at any stage) without much advance planning and delay. For example; a garment retailer feels that the pace of movement of a particular inventory is not satisfactory and so decides on Wednesday to sell it at a 25% off. If he is equipped with an SMS alert program, he can inform his customers the announcement on Thursday itself. Thus in contrast to print or TV ads, SMS ads make instant and real time implementation possible.

SMS can also be used to schedule the delivery time of the product. SMS Marketing is also highly useful to the customers as they can contact the shop directly for checking the availability/clarifications/queries etc just by clicking either on the phone number provided in the message or the website if the customers’ cell model supports browsing. When out of stock items become available, this can also be alerted to the particular customer who demanded it; thus gaining the trust and also enhancing the relationship with the customer. As the success of any business depends to a large extend on this relationship factor, SMS Marketing is thus sure to boost the sales since the satisfaction of the customers are often optimum here. This optimal satisfaction helps in lowering the internal customer care calls also.

Another ways to sale and introduce your product and service cost-effective & targeted advertisement platform is Email Marketing. 4 crore Indians are online and the number is just growing day by day. Most online Indians use the Internet for email and also for searching information. Chances are that they are searching for a service similar to what you offer! By using E-mail Marketing promote our product and services if interested, they can contact you through the E-mail and provide contacts number itself.

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